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General information

OLDWOOD DOT should be used exclusively indoors, in well-ventilated, dry areas. The products should not be used in or come into contact with water. Avoid walls that experience significant temperature fluctuations (e.g. direct sunlight or in the vicinity of heat sources). In case of doubt contact the supplier for advice.


OLDWOOD DOT is a natural product that may have a variety of colours and shades due to its natural origins and climatic factors. As a result, no single consistent colour can be guaranteed. These variances enhance the products' natural appearance and have no bearing on their technical performance. When using multiple boxes, it is advisable to combine pieces from each box to create a consistent pattern of colours, sizes, textures, and forms.


In the improbable event that you are dissatisfied with the condition in which the products are delivered, you must promptly inform your dealer. It should be noted that if you install a product that has previously been determined to be defective, we will not be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of the usage of these defective products, but we will make every effort to offer you with the best advice possible. Likewise, we will not be liable if the items are used for purposes other than those for which they were designed or if the damage is caused by failing to follow our recommendations.


OLDWOOD DOT is available in packs of 1m2 and comes in the following panel sizes: Thickness x Width x Length in mm:


A 6 x 140 x 1180 mm panel

A 6 x 80 x 1180 mm panel

A 6 x 60 x 1180 mm panel

Two 6 x 140 x 590 mm panels

Two 6 x 80 x 590 mm panels

Two 6 x 60 x 590 mm panels

A 6 x 140 x 790 mm panel

A 6 x 80 x 790 mm panel

A 6 x 60 x 790 mm panel

A 6 x 140 x 390 mm panel

A 6 x 80 x 390 mm panel

A 6 x 60 x 390 mm panel


The weight of a 1m2 pack is 3.7 kg.

All dimensions are nominal and subject to manufacturing tolerances. We are constantly working on renewing and improving our products. OLDWOOD DOT therefore reserves the right to change design and specifications without prior notice.


OLDWOOD DOT products may expand or contract in response to natural environmental variables (such as temperature and/or humidity fluctuations). Please bear this in mind when covering an entire wall. Capillaries, surface cracks, and other surface flaws may emerge on the OLDWOOD DOT product. These, however, do not impair the product's functionality and are not grounds for complaint.



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